The Health Bean-efits You Get from Consuming Your Beans

Malagos Garden Resort Food

Beans have been known as staple ingredients in some of your favorite Pinoy dishes like chopsuey, humba, salad, giniling, and even in Malagos Garden Resort’s breakfast selections. There are a variety of beans we incorporate in our kitchen specialties such as string beans, black beans, green beans and soybeans. Aside from adding texture and flavor to the dish, they are also a main source of various health benefits as proven by several nutrition studies. 

Majority of Beans such as US Beans are mainly rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Folic Acid, fiber and antioxidants. As such it is also a good source of protein, especially for those on a vegan diet. In general, beans aid in lessening health risks and mortality due to its nutritional content. 

This humble yet healthy super-ingredient is packed with vitamins that will keep your body going. If you’re not convinced by bean’s superpowers, we’ve rounded up specific health benefits you get from including and consuming beans in your meals:

  • Helps fight against diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Cardiovascular diseases- With a low glycemic index packed with fiber and antioxidants, beans have the ability to lessen blood sugar and fight free radicals which could help prevent diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. The fatty starch in beans could also Help control appetite and make one easily full. 
  • Gut health - Fiber rich foods like bean varieties of lentils and green beans aid in the digestion of food and prevent bad bacteria to proliferate in the gut as they are also a good source of Prebiotics. Prebiotics help to nourish the existence of probiotics which are crucial for gut health. A healthy gut could influence much of our overall health, especially our immune system, mental health, and skin health. 
  • Reproductive and Pregnancy Health- The folate and iron in beans have been shown to improve reproductive health, even in pregnancy. It has been noted to increase the chance of fertility and help pregnant women produce healthy red blood cells to prevent anemia and reduce chances of birth defects for a healthy fetus. 
  • Mental Health- Studies have also shown that folate which is usually found in green beans could also ensure that blood and nutrients flow throughout the body including the brain. If proper nutrients are fed on the brain, essential hormones like dopamine and serotonin would function well.

Beans may have been taken for granted and usually underrated. It's time to recognize that they have been essential in not only adding flavor to our dishes, but also extra nutrients for our bodies. 

Malagos Garden Resort serves a variety of farm-to-table dishes that are infused with imported US beans that are certified and accredited by the US Dry Bean Council. These dishes are certified crowd-favorites and are one of the best local food in Davao City. Best-selling dishes like Malagos Chocolate Humba and Beef Caldereta with Malagos Cheese will soon be available for delivery at the Malagos Homegrown Produce. You can soon reheat your favorites and relive your homegrown dining experience at the comfort of your homes.