The Importance of Supporting Local, Going Local

Support Local Buy Local

Perhaps you’ve repeatedly heard the call: “support local”, countless times already. But have you taken the time to pause for a while and have an in-depth connection with what this movement is all about? With your busy schedule, tidying the house, and adapting to every bit of change happening these days, it is absolutely understandable if you haven’t. So here’s a quick summary to round it all up for you. 

Local businesses are what we call a certain company that provides goods and services to the local population. These businesses are often small and striving. A local business benefits from knowing the wants, needs, and culture (i.e. the beliefs and customs) of its community, and it supplies goods and services that the citizens in the community would buy. Since local businesses  only focus on one specific area and type of consumer, these are bound to give you a focused service on what you need. 

Local businesses are a way of giving back to the community. Most local businesses breathe and connect with other locals. Take us, the Malagos Homegrown Produce for example. We first budded in the midst of the pandemic and have been growing with you since then. Our local farmers give us fresh homegrown produce to serve and deliver to each of your tables. The team has been innovating proudly local products that are now making their way around the globe. Despite this, each product remains true to what our community has to offer. 

Local businesses are part of the weak pulse making our economy strive these days. A global recession in the economy has been announced for this year. Most businesses all over the globe have been badly hit by the pandemic. Most evidently in the food and tourism industries. But despite this, most local businesses are still striving to get by. When the shift to a Modified General Community Quarantine happened, more local businesses opened their doors again in an attempt to rise through. Some, just like the Malagos Homegrown, have been operating since the start of the lockdowns. We’ve also had good and bad days but still we go on. We pay taxes for the city revenue and through this, we do our part in the fight against the pandemic. 

Local businesses are making sure you are safe these days. With more and more online services available by the day, the goal is simple: to keep you home, to keep you  safe. Most local businesses understand that in order for us to move past the pandemic, we all have to stay home. This is why online deliveries have been adapted by most local businesses. The Malagos Homegrown Produce has been always vocal about our service to you: stay home and stay homegrown. With farm fresh homegrown vegetables and proudly local treats to indulge in, we will deliver to you in a heartbeat. These days, it is important to stay home and buy online. 

Think about all the favorite things you do in Davao. Eating at a local restaurant, visiting your dentist, ordering groceries online in a local market, they are all small businesses and you have been supporting them all the way. In fact, in the first half of 2020, despite the impact of the pandemic to most businesses, Davao City has still achieved a high revenue. This is 10.68% higher from the total collection last year. This only shows that in the face of adversity, Dabawenyos are still showing resilience. This is why now more than ever, we have to support each other. 

Our fight against Covid-19 is something that we have to do together. Let us support our local farmers and buy local. With this act, we start from where we are and let it resonate to the entire world. For today, do your part. Stay safe, stay home, and stay homegrown with the Malagos Homegrown Produce.