The Malagos Homegrown 11-11 Sale

These days, it’s hard to believe that a few years ago, Filipinos were skeptical of online shopping. Now couriers are zooming left and right delivering packages, and the infamous 11.11 sale is treated with more excitement than some public holidays. With delivery services reaching far beyond Metro Manila, online shopping has become a part of daily life for people all over the Philippines. In fact, here in our City, there are many Davao online shops that participated in the said nationwide sale. With offers ranging from sulit deals for food even all the way to appliances, Dabawenyos were quick to avail of the perks offered on that day. One Davao online grocery and delivery that also had a crazy 11-11 sale is the Malagos Homegrown Produce. This Malagos Homegrown Promo sale is equally important to us. If you still haven’t heard about this, here’s why we love to do sulit sales each month:

It is our way of giving back. Since we offered our services to the public, each of you have always been supportive of us. From the start when we only offered fresh produce up to the present wherein we now also offer meal kits, it has been quite a ride for us with you. The 11-11 sale is a way for us to thank you for the unwavering support you give us. On this day, we were able to offer 11% off on our pastries and 5% off on our fresh picks of the day, signature Malagos cheese and chocolates, meat and fish products, hearty meals collection, and our well loved plants. With all these, you were able to whip up your own gourmet menu made from farm fresh, homegrown produce. Who wouldn’t love that, right? 

It gives us a glimpse of what you like. Through our 11-11 sale, we tend to know the products most of you love. By knowing this, we can tailor fit our offers to make sure you can even better enjoy these choices. This is exactly the reason why we chose to expand our meal kit offers! Knowing that you loved each of our homegrown kits, we opted to give you a more diverse choice to try. From a hot soup on a rainy night all the way to the Samgyupsal craze, we had it all thought out for you. 

Making value for money products accessible for everyone. Nielsen’s 2013 Philippine Shopper Trends Report revealed affordability as the key driver of new product purchase for Filipino consumers, followed by convenience and personal recommendation. Filipino shoppers have said that they like new products or emerging products that are “centered on affordability, health and sustainability, and convenience as important considerations.” With this in mind, we made sure to offer our homegrown produce and hearty meals in sulit deals to make more people enjoy the unique taste of farm to table goodness brought by the Malagos Homegrown Produce. 

The amount of support from everyone for this sale has been overwhelming. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Watch out for better and bolder sales next month.  To know more about it, tune in to our newsletter at and be in the know. What are you waiting for? Buy and register today! You are in for quite a surprise.