The Malagos Homegrown Classic Bundles

Malagos Homegrown Produce Bundle Promo

The number of cases in the region is surging like no other. From mere 20s to a sudden shift to more than a hundred cases per day, this is the time to be even more vigilant. The City government of Davao has three core reminders when it comes to the coronavirus: stay home, wear a mask, and save money. These are three foundations that we have to secure in the midst of the new normal. In Malagos Homegrown Produce, ever since we started, your safety is our priority. With this in mind we made sure to have Malagos Homegrown Produce new promos coming  your way. 

For this month, we are introducing the Malagos Homegrown Classic Bundles. If you want to keep it simple and tasty, you should definitely try this bundle. Enjoy Malagos Fresh Picks, Malagos Bounty, and Malagos Premium Cuts along with it. Here’s a fun tip with this one: spiralize! For the young ones and young at heart, you can make dishes more appetizing by spiralizing vegetables. With this, you can have your very own noodles made from farm fresh vegetables. This one can be used for anything from breakfast all the way to snacks. Who says being healthy has to be a bore? With Malagos, we make it even more fun. To know more about this bundle, here are some practical benefits to look forward to:

Convenient. One of the absolute conveniences of this one is getting your bundles right to your doorstep. The work from home season admittedly takes so much of your time. So knowing that you already have a pre planned and pre chosen fresh produce for the weeks to come is a peace of mind for you and the entire family. 

Safe. With the number of positive coronavirus cases rising by the day, it is important to remember to stay home. Get your fill of vitamins and minerals through the homegrown produce by Malagos. Quality and fresh, these are  the kind of bundles in store for you. No need to go out of the house every once in a while. Simply choose the variant you want and in no time, you’ll get mixing and stirring in the kitchen like a seasoned chef. 

Guaranteed to eat seasonally. Eating seasonally is something we mostly do. But with you sourcing your meals directly from local farmers is an entirely different situation. This helps you see changes in veggies and fruits that show up over the months, and how this influences your choices on what to cook. This will also expand your cooking horizons as there will be a time when playing with flavors can help ease a tired soul.

You are supporting local products of Davao, every time you buy from the Malagos Homegrown Produce, a Davao Online Grocery and delivery that helps bridge the public to our local farmers. Craving for classic homegrown flavors your way?  Simply head on to, order what you want, add it to cart, and we’ll deliver it in no time.