The Malagos Homegrown Game-Changers


Business models continually evolve as companies react to changes large and small, and as they reposition to avoid emerging risks and seize opportunities. In a span of two months, we saw how companies started innovating “sustainably and disruptively”. 

Malagos Homegrown Produce is not new to innovations as this company was born out of countless innovations and changes. We saw how the company embraced sustainable innovations, which are the ones that are seen in the change of variety in new produce and locally-loved products that the team is rolling out every week. These are also seen in the homegrown bundles that makes meal-prepping much easier for the designated chefs at home.

Then there are covid-propelled innovations, the game-changers, and we see them in the newly-launched microwaveable Filipino gourmet meals and hearty do-it-yourself kits which feature local and healthy ingredients.

We’re proud of how the team spent weeks in coming up with a menu and a set of kits that are now well-loved by the residents of Davao City. Looking ahead, if the last few years have proven anything, it’s that the best meals are the ones that are born out of passion and innovation. 

Homegrown Bundles

The month of June began with Malagos Homegrown Produce’s ulam bundles. These are carefully prepared and crafted bundles that make everything (and we mean EVERYTHING), that you need to prepare a healthy meal for the family, are readily available and accessible.

We launched two homegrown bundles - the Pinakbet Bundle and Chopsuey Bundle- this month and stressed out the importance of buying in bulk. Not only were you able to save and shop more but you also avoided the risks of going outside for your grocery run.

Hearty Meals and DIY Kits

We followed the homegrown bundles with these game-changing meals and kits for delivery. Malagos Homegrown Produce launched these awesome new meals and kits that lets you be your own chef at home. You are given two options, one where you can easily whip up a Filipino gourmet dish in minutes by just re-heating them and one where you put on your apron and do the cooking (and cleaning) yourself. 

The first option are heart microwaveable meals which are available in four variants: USDBC certified Malagos Chocolate Humba with Black Beans and Malagos Beef Caldereta with Malagos Cheese and US Garbanzos, Chicken Adobo, and Crispy Pork Sisig. 

The second option are homegrown DIY kits which are available in five variants: Pizza Kit, Pasta Kit, Farmer’s Salad Kit, Farmhouse Cheeseburger Kit, and Rancher’s Sandwich kit.

Holidays at Home

You also allowed us to be part of your holiday feasts at home. You enjoyed discounts on your purchase during Independence Day and had a glorious yet humble feast and cookout at home for your Dad or for your father-figures at home. 

The month of June has been more than just a month of brilliant and wild innovations, it was a month filled with wins at home or at work too. And we’re extremely grateful letting us be part of all the good, the bad, and this exciting yet terrifying times. No matter what, Malagos Homegrown Produce is here to help you keep a healthy lifestyle at home as we bring you closer to farm-fresh finds and goodness from the bountiful farms of Malagos.