The Malagos Homegrown Premium Bundles

Malagos Homegrown Produce Bundle


Almost a hundred cases in one day. This is how serious the spread of coronavirus in our City is. No matter how strong the government imposes proper social distancing, wearing of masks, and staying home to save lives, it will all boil down to how we self regulate as individuals. This is why the Malagos Homegrown Produce, a Davao online grocery and delivery, is introducing our Malagos Homegrown Produce bundle promo. In the midst of all this chaos, we understand that a reliable and safe service for you and your family is what you need. With this, here are a few reasons why you need to try out the Malagos Premium Homegrown Bundles. 

Refined taste in every dish.  With our Malagos Fresh Picks, Malagos Bounty, Malagos Premium Cuts, Homegrown Confectionary, Malagos Gourmet, AND Homegrown Flavor Feast, up your game in the kitchen and be that master chef you’ve always wanted to be. All the products and ingredients in this bundle are homegrown and of the best quality.  To make the most of it, here is a homegrown tip on this one: find recipes that make you excited to cook. In this bundle, you now have meal kits that have pre-portioned ingredients in every set, this will surely make preparing gourmet dishes faster and easier for everybody. With quality produce and products in your kitchen, you can never go wrong. 

The wisest buying in bulk move for you. Some people overspend when buying in bulk because they buy things that they don't really need—and in large quantities! To be a successful bulk shopper, all it takes is a little planning. This move will help you save more in the long run. With everything you need on hand, whip up your favorite meals, dessert, and soup in the comforts of your own home.

Guaranteed to eat seasonally. Eating seasonally is something we mostly do. But with you sourcing your meals directly from local farmers is an entirely different situation. This helps you see changes in veggies and fruits that show up over the months, and how this influences your choices on what to cook. This will also expand your cooking horizons as there will be a time when playing with flavors can help ease a tired soul. 

Free plant in every purchase. Set to be the newest plant paradise in Davao City, get your very own free plant fresh from the lush gardens of Malagos Garden Resort! Not only will you be having healthy, scrumptious meals with this bundle, you will also be enjoying your very own plant which you can care for and grow until it fully blooms. A piece of nature in your home, it will be something you absolutely have to look forward to. 

By buying your fresh and healthy meal fix with us, you also support local products of our Malagos farmers! Every step you make to support us, no matter how small, will always create a ripple of goodness. So make sure to check us out at, order this sulit bundle deal, and we’ll deliver it to you in no time. Keep safe!