The Story of the Fiddle Leaf Fig: Caring and Growing Tips For Everyone

Fiddle Leaf

Fiddle Leaf Figs come from the tropical jungles of West Africa and can reach at least 40 feet in height in the wild. House plants on the other hand can only reach up to 6 feet. According to ProFlowers, “they are natural epiphytes in the wild. This means that they start their lives by embedding their seeds on top of another tree, then growing downwards. As they grow, they may strangle the host plant as it competes for light.” Good thing that the domesticated ones are gentle in homes and will happily share their space with you.

This plant is storming the gardening world fast. As of today, the Fiddle Leaf Fig now has more than two hundred thousand “about”  posts on Instagram and one of the most sought after for plant parents out there. Of all Davao ornamental plants, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is gaining the core attention mostly because this plant makes an elegant centerpiece in any room you put it in. As much as it is beautiful, this lush plant with its shiny, violin-shaped leaves can be hard to keep alive but its visual impact in any space is unmatched when given proper care and conditions. 

Proper placing is important. The Fiddle Leaf Fig can be quite finicky-- more so than you thought. They cannot be placed in drafts, soil that is too dry, soil that is too wet, too much direct sunlight, not enough sunlight, and dry air. This plant appreciates a warm, humid environment, with a fair amount of water and plenty of indirect sunlight. As per the Greenery Unlimited,  “it will be best to place it directly in front of, or close by a southern or western facing window is ideal, and eastern exposure can also work as long as the plant is directly in the window and the space feels very bright.”

Dust the leaves every once in a while. Fiddle leaf figs are prone to mealy bugs, aphids, mites, and scales. Check their leaves for any odd growths or holes and check the underside for any small pests. If you spot any, wipe them off with a hot-and-soapy cloth or with a mild insecticide. Dusting the leaves also keeps each one shiny and pleasing to the eye. 

Mind the humidity. A humidity level of at least 65 will help the Fiddle Leaf Fig strive. Most indoor environments only have a humidity level of 10 so if your tree is looking a bit weak or its leaves are changing in color, set up a humidifier nearby or you can simply mist your plant for at least once a week. 

While the Fiddle Leaf Fig requires a tedious care process, the reward it offers is abundantly great too. If given due care and process, the fiddle leaf will grow at least two feet every year. The plant is known for its graceful silhouette that will make any space more elegant and cozy. Plus, since it can grow at least 6 feet, the fresh and clean air you can enjoy at home is already a gift in itself. 

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