Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Samgyup at Home

Samgyup Meal KIt

From farm fresh produce, gourmet meal kits, all the way to the luscious plants of Malagos, the Malagos Homegrown Produce, a Davao online grocery and delivery has been growing with you. With this, as a new month also signifies new beginnings, we are introducing another batch of homegrown goodness through our affordable meal kits in Davao

Craving a tasty Samgyeopsal at home? No need to worry about overspending! The Malagos Homegrown Produce is releasing the best and tastiest homegrown samgyeopsal meal kit in the City. To make your samgyup at home experience even better, we have round up a few tips and tricks from choosing meat cuts all the way to side dishes for that perfect samgyeopsal with the barkada:

Get your very own portable Korean Barbeque Grill. First things first, you have to do this. These Korean BBQ grills are absolutely multifunctional and can be used even on days when you just want to fry eggs and hotdogs for breakfast. It is a great investment especially if you are a samgyup lover!

Know what kind of meat you prefer. While Samgyupsal is pork belly simply cut into ¼ inch thick cubes, Korean restaurants tend to offer a variety of other meat cuts and each one grows on you don’t they? So here’s a quick list: Chadolbaegi are very thin beef brisket strips which take little time to cook on the grill. Using this meat on a Samgyup night requires you to freeze the meat beforehand to make sure its layers of fat do not melt. Another paper-thin beef cut is the usamgyeop or beef belly slices. When raw these look like rolled-up bacon slices and are perfect for those who don’t like waiting for a long time for the meat to be cooked. 

Side dishes are equally important. One of the side dishes often served with samgyeopsal are the Korean stir-fried glass noodles more known as the japchae, Korean braised potatoes, seasoned soybean sprout, and the candied sweet potato known as goguma mattang. Of course, the most loved of all, seasoned kimchi!

Must haves when grilling the meat. You can grill pretty much anything you want but the more popular (not to mention tastier) choices are thinly sliced green chilies, sliced garlic, enoki mushroom, and aged Kimchi. Grill these along with your meat and you’ll be surprised by the earthy and savory flavor it brings out to any meat you grill it with. 

Proper eating of Samgyeopsal. Grab a lettuce leaf, place a small amount of rice in it to balance the flavor, add some Ssamjang sauce, add a few pieces of the meat, green chilies, and garlic, roll up your lettuce and take a big, hearty bite! 

No more long queues at Korean restaurants nor do you have to worry about  possibly coming in contact with the virus. Enjoy what you love, safely at home, through the Malagos DIY Samgyupsal Kit. In as easy as three steps; prep, grill, and serve, one hearty dinner is ready at home. Have fun!