Ultimate Comfort Food: Rice Bowls On 10% Discount!

We begin to feel our tummies rumbling in work and know that lunch time is minutes away. Good thing Davao online Food delivery is accessible to anywhere you are. It's time to check for delivery services that serve rice. 

Our affection for the grain dates back to our earliest ancestors, and it has since been a mainstay in our meals, from breakfast to dinner. We need it to go with our favorite dishes, to mop up all of the soups and sauces.

This is why Filipinos are so infatuated with the rice bowl that almost every store in the Philippines, regardless of cuisine, has one on their menu to even cater Davao City online groceries. It's so famous among our people that there's even a restaurant in the United States dedicated to the Filipino rice bowl. Why has it grown so pervasive among our fellow citizens?

Java Rice Bowls Davao

It’s All About Convenience

No matter how little time they have to eat, the working Filipino never forgets their lunch. The rice bowl is the quickest and most convenient method to get a full feed, and it can even be consumed on the move. Rice bowls reign supreme everywhere, from Davao online shopping to the convenience shop to the fast food establishment. They provide value for money in the smallest feasible package and may be simply pulled out for even faster consumption. 

Here are the Convenient rice bowls you should order directly from our website and enjoy a 10% discount for convenience!

Savory Chicken

Juicy and salty roasted chicken stead of the common sweet chicken we commonly have and add our special Java Rice Recipe.

Pork Binagoongan

A type of pork stew where pork slices are sauteed in onion, garlic, and fresh tomato, and then cooked with shrimp paste/ ‘bagoong’.

The Perfect Combo

We utilize rice to balance out our strong flavors, which are a unique blend of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy that our native palates have become accustomed to. That's why we have to have it with everything, from adobo to sinigang to sisig. Your viand's sauce drips over the rice, enhancing the entire bowl. Consider sisig liquids flowing into rice, so that each grain tastes like the topping's mix of spices.

These perfect combo meals are made even more perfect with a 10% discount if you order directly on our website!

Pork Sisig

This is the same Frozen Marinated Pork Sisig we sell as our frozen products. If you want to enjoy it straight out hot from your pan then you may also order frozen pork sisig.

Chicken Chop Suey

The all time comfort food for healthy chinese style cuisine. Generally this is a mixture of vegetables and chicken and served with java rice.

I can see you drooling from inside on the rice bowl menu. Keep yourself posted for more discounts by following us on social media. We are always very active and we keep everyone updated on anything new at the Malagos Homegrown Cafe. Call us and get ready to be blown away by a new wave of culinary masterpieces.