Why You Should Hire Locally Post-Pandemic

Davao Local Farmer

The pandemic has left a big dent in our economy. The government is even forced to adapt to a less-strict General Community Quarantine to open up other establishments to hopefully put a Band-Aid on that dent. The economic dent greatly affected those in the small business sector as they try to keep their company, their employees, and their employees’ families afloat during this struggling time. Hence, people are campaigning for the masses to support locally made products to support these small businesses.

Sourcing locally have big impacts for you, your community, and even to a global extent. However, I’m not only talking about sourcing products and materials here, but also sourcing the company’s greatest asset: its manpower. Here’s why hiring locally can bring great benefits to your company:

You’re investing in your community. Hiring from your local talent pool signals to your customers and clients that you support your local community and that you invest in its growth, economy, and the well-being of its citizens. Most people nowadays purchase more from these kinds of businesses because they prefer buying locally sourced food to support local farmers and other producers. Malagos Garden Resort has long done initiatives that supports local farmers—from its farm-to-table food in its restaurants and naturally grown farm produce available in its Davao online grocery store, Malagos Homegrown Produce.

Building a network is easier. So you’ve finally found the perfect new hire that has proven to be an asset to your organization, what’s next? For many business owners, it’s like a referral program: Bring your trusted and reliable friends into the mix. We see this being implemented in prominent industries such as the BPO industry which offers bonuses in their referral programs. 

It’s common sense when you think about it. People want to work with their friends, people they know and trust, and people belonging to the same community. Malagos Garden Resort aims to create an effective synergy with its employees by creating work families. This kind of network building is more difficult if your talents comes from several cities or provinces away. If you look locally, one excellent new employee might lead to another, and another, and another.

Adapt. Overcome. Survive. As your company grows, new talents aboard quickly but sometimes the fit isn’t right. Finding the perfect new hire is one thing, having them adjust to the company culture is another story—but your hiring practices can make all the difference. Making local talent your first choice ensures that these new hires won’t be stuck in limbo in case mismatch occurs. They’re already local, so there aren’t any relocation difficulties compared to new hires that moved in from cities away.

People screening. Knowing your employees by heart comes easy when they’re all from the same community. Background checks and what not. What sets Malagos Homegrown Produce from other Davao online stores is that our farmers and cooks down to our delivery front liners are all organic Malagos employees. They abide by Malagos standards as well as adhere to DOH recommended guidelines such as wearing of face masks and face shields, social distancing, and proper hand washing. This ensures food safety protocols are met in both food handling and preparation from supply to distribution. 

As you grow your business, especially after the pandemic. While adapting to the new normal, it is of priority to source locally—ingredients, materials, and people. It is a service to your community and to our fellow countrymen in order to cope post-pandemic.

It’s important to always remind ourselves that the fight against COVID-19 doesn’t end with just ensuring the safety of our families, but also that of others. Staying at home as a default, going out only for what’s necessary is already a big step in contributing to help the fight. Order online. Shop at home through malagoshomegrownproduce.com and lessen the risk of getting infected.