Your Homegrown Meal Kits Are Here for Your Convenience

Malagos Meal Kits


As consumers are constantly provided with a growing list of options on where to acquire their necessities during this pandemic, business establishments are acclimatizing by innovating more creative practices like meal kits.

What’s a meal kit?

Meal kits weren’t a thing until 2010. The concept of home delivery of pre-portioned ingredients to create specific meals was new and interesting and quickly hailed as a major disruption to the food retail industry. The season of Do-It-Yourself has finally invaded the food industry. At first, there seemed to be no end to the benefits consumers could realize with meal kits — it produced less waste, simplified food prep for a gourmet-experience, the ultimate benefit of convenience and even a way to spend more quality time with the family. Then there was the key benefit that was shaped from our current situation —  avoiding a trip to the store or to pick-up at the restaurant.

How did it thrive locally?

Brick-and-mortar grocery store and restaurant experience was not entirely horrible before. But with social distancing and application of the food & medicine passes in the quarantine period, we can all agree that the ordeal of lining up in these physical establishments has made us more anxious and fidgety. In a month, consumers usually take an average of eight trips to the store and spend an average of 10 hours grocery shopping. With this, online grocery stores and restaurants with delivery service have taken off because you can simply buy online fresh meat and fruits and even meals online and wait for the goods to be delivered safely to your home.

Why should you consider getting one?

The simplicity of the user experience is something that you can try by shopping at the Malagos Homegrown Produce.Here are some quick facts about your meal kit shopping that will make you think of getting a meal kit right now.

-               Taking a break from kitchen and dishwashing duties. If you absolutely hate cooking and washing a ton of dishes, then this can actually make the whole thing easier for you. With the ingredients already prepared for you then there’s no need to chop and cry over your onions. You’ll also save some time and water from washing your pans and utensils after. 

-               Meal kits are healthy. During this time, Malagos Homegrown Produce ensures our customers that what they’re getting are carefully prepared meals that will surely boost their body’s immune system. Ingredients are also fresh, all-natural, and carefully harvested to ensure the safety of our customers.

-               Portioned and Less waste. Each meal kit is prepared according to the appropriate or suggested serving. Everything is good, tasty, and in moderation. You’ll also produce less waste because the ingredients are portioned and pre-measured. No need to buy that big jar of sauce that will definitely go sour in a month after you used just a quarter of it for your kitchen musings.

-               Convenient. The idea of getting even just a couple hours added back into your day is pretty much priceless.

All these rules and restrictions in the new normal are relatively new to us. We’re trying to navigate our way through and we’re slowly getting the hang of it. Meanwhile, the timeless question of “what’s for dinner,” remains the same. However, online grocery and delivery in Davao City is here to save your dinner experience. Meal kits, bundles, and microwaveable meals will soon be available for your convenience. Stay tuned for more homegrown items at the Malagos Homegrown Produce.